UCWCP Information

The Union Construction Worker’s Compensation Program (UCWCP) Member Information

What is the UCWCP?

This organization was founded for the exclusive use of union employees whose collectively bargained contract includes a provision for participation in the UCWCP. If you are a member, you are entitled to specific rights and benefits of that membership. The TBG claims department works closely with the UCWCP to coordinate care for the injured worker, resolve disputes, and create a prompt and safe return to union work. Refer to the link provided in this communication or discuss with your TBG claims adjuster if you need further information.

If a member of the UCWCP:

  • Please see the medical providers listed on their website for a provider that the injured worker can be referred to.
  • Notify your employees. Provide the ‘Union Employee’s Guide” brochure to all union employees annually, at new-hire and most importantly, when an injury occurs.
  • Find these items on the UCWCP website (www.ucwcp.com):
    • Union Employees Guide
  • Request FREE glossy tri-folds
  • Designate an occupational medicine clinic for work injury care. Inform your employees of your designated EPO provider for injury care. Remind them that injury care must be provided by an EPO Provider except for minor injuries needing only urgent care, or 911 emergencies.
  • Please utilize the following resources from the UCWCP website (www.ucwcp.com):
    • Identifying a Medical Care Provider
    • Establishing a Designated Provider Relationship
    • Designated Provider Map Template