Dennis Chartrand


Dennis Chartrand is President of Steel Structures, Inc. (SSI), a specialist in pre-engineered metal buildings across the United States. SSI was one of TBG’s founding members in 1997. Dennis has been active with us since he took over as President of SSI.

Dennis wears many hats as President of his small business, relying on his 35 years of experience in the industry to lead his organization and contribute to the larger construction industry. He is most excited about his work every time he sees the facilities his company has helped to build while driving around town. Dennis is a member of SSI’s building manufacturers Regional Advisory Board and President’s Advisory Council. He is also a member of the Dunwoody Colleges Board of Managers.

Over the years, SSI has received various industry awards, including a Hall of Fame Award from his building manufacturer for the equine facility building at the University of Minnesota. SSI has also received a Voluntary Protection Program award for their safe work performance on a project for Xcel Energy.

As Secretary on our Board of Directors, Dennis contributes his unique skill for listening and recording all Board-related business, in addition to his extensive experience in the construction industry. When asked for his favorite piece of advice, he pointed to one of his father’s favorite sayings, “Work hard, do your best, and always complete your task at hand right the first time.”


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