We all understand that safe work cultures mean fewer and less severe injuries, which means less cost to the fund and lower work comp costs to the members. This was our philosophy when we were founded in 1997 and remains true to this day. 

The Safety Service Association was created to keep TBG at the cutting edge of safety and technology. We believe continuing to explore and invest in technologies will help members create their own version of an innovative safety culture. This will not only protect their workers from injury, but it will also protect their physical well-being and lengthen their careers. 

The TBG Safety Service Association is a non-profit organization developed to serve the safety needs of TBG members. Our unique mission is to help members work safer, smarter, and more profitably by providing them “members-only” access to training, equipment, experts, and proven technologies. 

Founded in TBG’s highly regarded Safety Services Department, the Safety Service Association embraces the soul of TBG Safety Services and expands its offerings into the rapidly developing world of technology. 

Through the Safety Service Association, TBG members will have exclusive access to an ever-growing menu of services, technology, and training.