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What is the Drug Testing Credit, and what is required to qualify a member to receive this credit?

TBG’s Drug Testing Credit consists of a 3% credit if a company is doing Pre-hire and Post-accident testing. The enrollment form is available on the agency secure website and can be applied for at any time.

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What is the UCWCP credit, and how does a member enroll?

The Union Construction Workers’ Compensation Program (UCWCP) is a form of collective bargaining agreement to control the costs of managing and properly closing claims for union construction companies. TBG gives a 5% credit for union construction companies enrolled in this program! Enrollment is handled by contacting Kevin Gregerson at Wilson-McShane Corp. at (952) 851-3462, by email at, or through their website at

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What is the procedure for handling a Certificate of Employer’s Liability request through TBG?

The Builders Group has purchased a policy through Midwest Employers Casualty Company to cover Part B, the Employer’s Liability coverage for our Members.

Please put “MIDWEST EMPLOYERS CASUALTY COMPANY” in the box listing insurers affording coverage instead of The Builders Group. The policy number to be used is EWC009074.

  • Please use the approved form for Waiver of Subrogation as well.
  • Remember that even though TBG is the named insured on this policy your member will be named as an additional insured as well.
  • Finally, your underwriter needs the codes and the amount of payroll that is applicable to the work being done for Lennar.

Star Insurance Company is one of Meadowbrook Insurance Group (MIG) companies and is an ‘A-‘ rated, VIII Financial Class Carrier.

The method listed above is specifically for any member who needs an ‘A-‘ rated carrier to meet the requirements of their contracts. Please call your underwriter with any questions.

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When is a Member eligible to receive their first dividend?

First of all, remember that dividends are not guaranteed! TBG’s Board of Directors will declare a dividend if they believe it makes sense to do so. A TBG Member in good standing may qualify for their first dividend in their third term (approximately 2 to 2-1/2 calendar years form joining). Additional monies available for an individual fund year will be distributed by the Board over a period of seven years in order to allow losses to properly develop for the fund.

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How is the premium payment and 20% security deposit handled for $5000 minimum premium Members?

All TBG minimum premium members will be required to pay the $5,000 premium up front as an annual premium. There will be no security deposit required.

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What is TBG’s Waiver of Subrogation policy?

Waiver of subrogation fees are charges based on the following schedule:

  • Service Job – one day or less = N/C
  • Single Project = $100
  • Ongoing Project = $300
  • Annual Maximum = $1,500

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