How To Join

If you’re a member of Minnesota’s construction industry and looking for affordable, high-quality workers’ comp tailored to your needs, contact us today and find out how we can make workers’ comp work for you. We’ve spent the last 20 years helping companies in the construction trades work safer, smarter and more profitably. Plus, as a self-insured fund, when you become a member, you’re also an owner. So instead of flushing your money down the drain, you’re actually making an investment in your business.

Give us a call today to find out if your company is eligible to become a part of the #1 self-insured construction workers’ comp fund in Minnesota. Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility, you’ll be able to get started with your application.

Ready To Apply?

Applying for a new workers’ compensation insurance policy with TBG is fast and easy. Fill out the form below or give us a call and we’ll guide you through the process.