Pay-As-You-Go Premiums

At TBG we offer a “Pay-As-You-Go” option for paying for workers’ compensation based on reporting of your actual payroll from the previous month. This practical approach to calculating monthly premiums allows members to pay premiums according to their cash flow. This benefit was designed by the construction industry, for the construction industry. Pay-As-You-Go premiums help free up cash flow, allowing members to make payroll, cover fixed expenses, purchase materials, pay subcontractors, vendors and respond to unforeseen issues quickly. This is making workers’ comp work for you.

Online Payment Center

Another way TBG makes workers’ comp work is by offering a secure online payroll reporting and premium payment system. By logging into our online system, you can pay your monthly workers’ compensation insurance premium directly to us. It couldn’t be easier, more straightforward or more secure.

  • Cash Flow Control
  • Lower Fixed Costs Than Competitors
  • Online Payment Center