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About TBG

In 1997, a group of 52 construction companies got together and decided to do something about the out of control costs of workers’ comp insurance. The plan was simple: join together to create a self-insured workers’ comp fund based on the principle...

“If responsible people acted responsibly, everyone wins.”

Today, that idea has grown to become the #1 self-insured workers’ comp fund in Minnesota, exclusive to the construction trades. Through TBG, the construction industry has access to affordable, high-quality workers’ comp tailored specifically to their needs. They have a partner who fully understands their risks and is committed to helping them lower costs, create safer workplaces and take better care of their workers. That’s how we make workers’ comp work.

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Safety Services

Our safety services go beyond the traditional classroom setting with on-site reviews, company assessments, program development and hands-on training in both our state-of-the-art safety training center and on the job site — helping our members’ employees work safer, smarter and more profitably.

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Claim Services

Our proactive approach to claims management delivers personal, compassionate attention — ensuring the injured worker gets the right care at the right time, returning to work as soon as possible without sacrificing quality of care.

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TBG Nurse Care Line

With our dedicated nurse care line, professional medical advice is just a phone call away and available 24/7/365. This complementary service helps our members improve their outcomes while reducing workers’ compensation claims and costs.

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Make Workers’ Comp Work For You

As a member of TBG, you’ll have access to our tailored programs and services specifically designed for the construction trades. These include:

  • Safety Services
  • Claim Services
  • 24/7/365 NurseCare Hotline
  • Pay-As-You-Go Premiums
  • Safety Services Training Center
  • Team Room
  • TBG Board Room
  • Safety Services Class Room

For A Faster Response

    Education Foundation

    Now more than ever, America needs men and women who will build. The current labor shortage in the building trades is projected to grow, which means those who are willing to join the trades will be paid more, receive more benefits and enjoy better lifestyles than at any other time in history.

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