Claim Services

With our proactive approach to claims management, you get peace of mind knowing that your claims are handled quickly and that you have greater control over your workers’ compensation insurance expenses. At The Builders Group (TBG) we’ve developed a proactive approach to claims management that delivers personal, compassionate attention — helping the injured worker get the right care at the right time, returning to work as soon as possible without sacrificing quality of care. It also lets your workers know that they are important, that their health and safety is your top priority — resulting in a happy and productive workforce.

What makes our Claims Services work so well for our members is the extensive experience our claims team has working with the medical community. We have long-term employees who have spent many years working with not just great doctors, but the right doctors. So there is never any doubt that your workers are getting the right level of care — which helps reduce the duration of the injuries. This is good for the worker because it helps return them to pre-injury health faster, which is also good for the company.

Plus, as a self-insured and member-owned fund, we have a vested interest in ensuring the speed and accuracy of our claims, so you know that we are always doing our best to make claim services work for you.

  • Low Caseload Per Adjuster
  • Experienced Claims Management Team
  • 24/7/365 Nurse Care Line
  • Members Have a Dedicated Adjuster to Their Team