Ben Edwards


Edwards/LaPlant Construction was established in 1957 by Lloyd LaPlant. Since that time the company has been passed down and is now on its third generation, currently owned by Ben Edwards. Edwards/LaPlant Construction is one of the most respected contractors in the Grand Rapids area by delivering quality products, dependable service and, most of all, highly trained and dedicated employees.

After graduating from UMD with a degree in Organizational Management, Edwards took over the construction company from his father in 2006 with the goal of growing it into one of the leading construction businesses in Itasca County. Edwards LaPlant Construction has been a member of the MN Builders association for 27 years, and Benjamin has served on the MN Builders Association board since 2007. Benjamin was BAM’s MN Builder of the Year in 2019. Benjamin’s knowledge, passion, and business skills have made him excel in the construction industry and other commercial real-estate businesses that he is a part of. Benjamin has a passion for growing the industry for generations and seeks out those passionate about growing within the industry.


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