Hazard Identification and Job Site Visits

At The Builders Group (TBG), we work closely with our members to ensure the safety programs and procedures in place are being followed in the field. Therefore, we perform frequent job-site visits to work proactively with our members to identify real-world exposures employees face and assess possible controls to promote safety.

A hazard is any workplace condition that could cause injury or illness to an employee, and the potential for employee injury and harm is great unless the job-site hazards can be controlled. The Builders Group (TBG) helps our members anticipate potential hazards, recognize and identify hazards that exist, evaluate hazard risks, and control hazards both on the job site and at their own company’s premises.

We make sure to involve your company management, safety personnel, and employees in the process as much as possible to help create the best results. We carefully tailor the type of hazard identification and control we deliver to suit your operations, your specific hazards, and your company’s needs. Common hazard identification and control methods include:

  • Job site safety surveys
  • Company premises, shop, and storage site surveys
  • Mock OSHA audits
  • Equipment safety and hazard analysis
  • Workplace environment safety and hazard analysis
  • Process and job safety and hazard analysis
  • Material safety and hazard analysis
  • Inspection checklists