Program Development

TBG Safety Service Association will work with you to create customized safety and loss control programs for your company based on your operations, unique safety needs, and regulatory compliance requirements. Our customized safety programs often go beyond written policies, and they can also include training, pretask planning, enforcements procedures, and other activities designed to ensure your entire company is involved in the safety process.

TBG Safety Service Association can also assist you in coordinating and implementing the appropriate complementary safety activities, helping ensure your safety programs are current, reavaluated annually, enforceable, and reflective of your company’s values.

We will help you with customized written programs that provide the framework for safety policies within your company’s safety culture. Using our library of reference materials, we will assist you in creating the following:

  • Employment practices: applications, job descriptions, conditional job offers, drug testing, physicals
  • AWAIR and safety programs
  • Toolbox Talks