November 21, 2018


TBG Dividend Announcement


I am proud to say that for the third year in a row, we are in the financial position to pay another
dividend to qualifying members!

There are a several factors that allow us to pay these dividends to members, however the primary
reason is from the support and commitment of our members over the years. Another is TBG’s
dedication to controlling workers’ compensation costs through safety services training, proactive
claims management and a dedicated NurseCare Hotline. The dividend pool is $2,704,456 for our
eligible members. The individual member amounts will be calculated with updated membership and
claims information in April 2019 and paid in early May 2019 to those eligible members.

Under the guidelines of our dividend policy, the total amount that will be paid for those two years is $1,135,914. The payment to eligible Members will be recalculated in April of 2018 with updated membership and claims information as of 12-31-2016 and paid at the end of April 2018. If your renewal is 4-1 or prior, you will receive an estimate of your dividend with your renewal quote.


To qualify for a dividend, a member has to meet three basic criteria:


  1. You were a member of the fund during the year the dividend is based on.
  2. You must be a member on the date the dividend is paid.
  3. Your loss ratio must be less than the breakeven loss ratio for the fund year the divided is paid from.


Thank you for your support and loyalty to The Builders Group. Your help in making workers’ comp
work is critical to us. Working together, we can continue to enjoy a return on our investment for
years to come.



Stu Thompson, CEO