John Lloyd is Vice President of Lloyd’s Construction Services who provide expert demolition and related services to both residential and commercial clients. They are widely known for extraordinary service and globally recognized for their commitment to safety and award-winning safety programs. John brings over 36 years of contractor experience to the TBG board and has been an active member of several local and national association boards and trade groups. Lloyd’s Construction Services became a member of TBG in 2006 and has since established themselves as a model member.


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Blake Palmer


Blake Palmer is currently the Vice President of Pro Drywall and Painting, Inc. A third generating residential and light commercial drywall and painting company serving mainly the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.  Blake has been working in the industry since he was in his teens. After graduating from Minnesota State University with a degree in Construction management, he helped build the company into one of the industries leaders. 

Pro Drywall and Painting, Inc has been a member or TBG since 2005 and strives to bring safe practice to their industry.  Blake has a work hard ethic and brings a common sense approach to any challenge.  He will help keep TBG on its current path set forth by the leadership before him.

In his free time Blake likes to stay busy with his family, skiing, biking, hunting, golfing and fishing.


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2020 Annual Report

Once again, it is my honor to be the bearer of great news regarding your partnership with TBG. Throughout 2020 we were able to build on the last several years of success and create
positive momentum for the years ahead. During the last 5 years we surpassed many benchmarks and set new records for the fund. Today, I feel TBG has become the established, reliable fund — the one considered Blue Chip in our industry.

Of course no one person can take credit for all of this because the TBG Fund belongs to all of us. We did this together. Our faithful members, our hardworking agents, our board of directors, the underwriters, claims, safety services, marketing, finance… the list goes on and on. Together we’ve built a fund that has become the bellwether in the industry. Work comp funds from all over the country are looking to TBG for best practices. They look to us for our experience and expertise in managing a work comp fund in the construction industry while, steadily growing the value of the fund and creating sustainability year over year.

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